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A Comprehensive Guide to Crack Core Java Interviews in Investment Banks, HealthCare IT & Startups. It covers Core Java, Algorithms, Data Structures, Concurrency, Hibernate and Spring MVC.

Specifically for investment banking domain, healthcare IT and product companies i.e. UBS, RBS, Blackrock, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Nomura, Barclays, Citibank, Markit, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and other companies i.e. Global Logic, Adobe, hCentive, Edifecs, Expedia, Infosys, TCS, Sapient, Wipro, HCL etc.
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How will you calculate factorial of a large number in Java?

Primitive integer is of 4 bytes signed type in Java, so can hold max value of 2147483647. If any calculation demands to store a larger number than this, Java provides BigInteger class to store that. BigInteger can theoretically hold a value limited by your computer memory, thus BigInteger can be used to hold factorial of a large number. Below is the simple illustration of using BigInteger Class for Factorial Calculation.

import java.math.BigInteger;

public class Main {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        BigInteger factorial = BigInteger.ONE;

        int n = 100;

        for (int i = 1; i <= n; i++) {
            factorial = factorial.multiply(BigInteger.valueOf(i));

        System.out.println("factorial = " + factorial);

Result will be something like this -

factorial = 93326215443944152681699......

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