Cracking Core Java Interviews 3rd Edition

A Comprehensive Guide to Crack Core Java Interviews in Investment Banks, HealthCare IT & Startups. It covers Core Java, Algorithms, Data Structures, Concurrency, Hibernate and Spring MVC.

Specifically for investment banking domain, healthcare IT and product companies i.e. UBS, RBS, Blackrock, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Nomura, Barclays, Citibank, Markit, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and other companies i.e. Global Logic, Adobe, hCentive, Edifecs, Expedia, Infosys, TCS, Sapient, Wipro, HCL etc.
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3rd Edition
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Spring and Hibernate

Using RestTemplate for Self Signed SSL certificate communication 04.Mar.2016 00:22 AM

We can create a Self Signed certificate for development purpose and use that as SSL enabled communication via RestTemplate client

How will you create a thread safe table backed unique sequence generator in spring hibernate? 28.Feb.2016 23:05 PM

We can utilize Hibernate Concurrency Control to generate tabled backed unique sequences. Both optimistic and pessimistic strategies can be used to write thread safe sequence generator using Hibernate.

How will you pass attributes while redirect from one controller method to another in Spring MVC 03.Dec.2015 18:55 PM

Request Attributes are lost when we redirect from one Controller method to another, there is a special mechanism that Spring provides to carry information while redirecting a request (other than Session Storage).

How will you Inject dependency in self instantiated Class in Spring 03.Dec.2015 18:56 PM

dependency injection using @autowired does not work in self instantiated class using new keyword in spring, but there are special mechanism to enable such injection.

How will you handle unresolvable circular dependency in spring dependency injection 11.Jan.2016 12:33 PM

circular dependency occurs when class A requires an instance of class B through constructor injection, and class B requires an instance of class A through constructor injection.